Michigan Petroleum

Longer Life Equals Long Term Savings

Harvard High Performance Custom Filtration Systems

At Michigan Petroleum we take oil cleanliness seriously. That is because 70 to 80% of all hydraulic failures are the direct result of oil contamination. There are a lot of filtration systems on the market, but there are few that actually deliver on their promises time after time and this is where the Harvard Solution comes in.

From small stationary fixed systems, to portable carts, to large high volume systems, these are built to meet the needs of each application. Whether it is a small hydraulic system or a large turbine, we have had systems built to meet every need.
The patented filter elements of the Harvard High Performance Custom Filtration System reduces particulate to as much as one micron, while also removing water from oil. This directly translates to longer component life, longer oil life, and significant long term savings to the bottom line.
Consider this...
Unfiltered oil can produce as much as 8,000 pounds of dirt passing through hydraulic systems per year! These contaminants destroy critical components and dramatically shorten system life expectancies.
Aggressive preventive maintenance managers today recognize the costs of these contaminants and are increasingly turning to high performance filtration systems to ensure consistent equipment reliability. The paybacks to a disciplined regimen are significant.
Let's take a look at your needs and see what we can do for you.