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HyperCLEAN Pre-Filtered Hydraulic Fluids


There is no bigger enemy to hydraulic systems than contamination. High performance hydraulic systems demand high purity hydraulic oils. At Michigan Petroleum, we take that need very seriously. MPT HyperCLEAN filtered hydraulic fluids are purified to exceed OEM requirements and maximize the trouble-free life of your critical systems. All hydraulic oils supplied by MPT can be pre-filtered to meet your needs and can be directly pumped into your systems to ensure maximum cleanliness and fluid replacement efficiency.
We start with a diverse portfolio of hydraulic oils that are positioned to give our customers the best choices available to meet their objectives. These can then be filtered to varying degrees through a single filter, or a series of three to six micron filters to achieve exceptional product cleanliness. MPT can perform a particle count pretest of our filtered oils prior to shipment to ensure we are meeting your targeted goals. That is guaranteed quality and peace of mind just when you need it the most.
Press fluid change-out? We can pump-out the old and replace with new! MPT Environmental is a wholly owned subsidiary of Michigan Petroleum and can remove your non-hazardous waste oil directly from your press and we will then schedule to fill directly back into the system immediately following. Save your people significant time and money while reducing contamination and handling costs.