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Nex-Gen Power Diesel Engine Background

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To get the most our of your heavy duty engines, you have to be prepared for whatever the job throws at you. Whether you spend your days on the road or moving the earth, Michigan Petroleum Technologies has the products to ensure your equipment receives superior protection. Our extensive portfolio of heavy duty engine oils has you covered if you are looking for a Mobil Delvac or Shell Rotella product replacement. We have the latest formulations that exceed CK-4 and FA-4 Standards. We also have low viscosity options that offer the same protection with better fuel economy. So if you’re like us and believe any job worth doing should be done right, consider Michigan Petroleum Technologies a trusted partner for your fleet.

New Ultra Low Ash Formulations Available

Are your diesel particulate filters clogging way too much and keeping your trucks off the road.?You may need to consider a newly formulated Ultra-Low ash technology in Chevron’s Delo 600 ADF 15W-40 that results in less metallic ash build up in your filters and minimal downtime. Are you unsure if this type of product is for you? That’s what we’re here for.

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Fleet Diagram

We know there are many different types and colors of antifreeze out there. You need to focus on the task at hand, let us worry about the details. You can count on Michigan Petroleum Technologies to provide provide simple technical recommendations that comply with your Manufacturers’ Specifications. Give us a call today so we can keep your equipment cool when the job get tough!

Oil Analysis with Particle Count Capability

Whatever your goals for your fleet may be, Michigan Petroleum wants help you achieve them! We offer oil analysis to ensure our customer’s biggest investment is protected! Oil analysis is also a key component to extending your drain intervals safely and effectively.

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