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Steel Smelting In Large Industrial Furnace

Because “downtime” is not an option!

Having the right lubricant in the right place is crucial for maintaining “uptime.” We provide you with the right lubricants to get the job done! No compromises, no excuses and 50+ years of experience providing valuable solutions to industry. Let’s get together and talk about the value we can bring to you!

Diverse Industrial Lubricants

Hydraulic Oils (Mineral, Synthetic and Pre-Filtered)

Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

Extreme Cold Hydraulic Fluid

EP Gear Oils (Mineral and Synthetic)

Way Oils

Spindle Oils

Standard and Pre-Filtered

Compressor Oils

R&O Circulating Oils (Mineral and Synthetic)

Turbine Oils (Mineral, Synthetic, Pre-Filtered)

Rust Preventatives

Biodegradable Lubricants

Food Grade Oils and Greases

Natural Gas Engine Oils

Transformer Oils

Mobil Product Replacements

Bulk Truck Performing 4,000 Gallon Press Fill

Current brands of industrial oils and greases include:

Phillips 66 • Chevron • Petrotech • Ecopower • Lubriplate • Qualichem

…and more!

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