Michigan Petroleum Technologies is a fully-licensed distributor of Phillips 66, Chevron, Lubriplate, Petrotech products and more!

Our live technical support can help you find mobil product replacements.

We have the oils and greases needed to keep “up-time” at a maximum and “down-time” at a minimum!

Oil Filtration

Unfiltered oil can produce as much as 8,000 pounds of dirt passing through hydraulic systems per year!

These contaminants destroy critical components and dramatically shorten system life expectancies.

Let’s take a look at your needs and see what we can do for you!

Oil Cleanliness

There is no bigger enemy to hydraulic systems than contamination.

High performance hydraulic systems demand high purity hydraulic oils.

70-80% of all hydraulic failures are the direct result of oil contamination.

At Michigan Petroleum Technologies, we take that need very seriously.

Oil Analysis with
Particle Count Capability

Does your equipment have targeted cleanliness goals?

Michigan Petroleum Technologies can perform a particle count pre-test of our filtered oils prior to shipment to ensure your cleanliness expectations are met!

High Performance Filtration

Combat Oil Contamination with a Custom Harvard High Performance Filtration System!

The patented filter elements of the Harvard High Performance Custom Filtration System reduces particulate to as much as one micron, while also removing water from oil. This directly translates to longer component life, longer oil life, and significant long term savings to the bottom line.

Michigan Petroleum Technologies Filter Cart

HyperClean Hydraulic Fluids

Michigan Petroleum Technologies’ HyperCLEAN filtered hydraulic fluids are purified to exceed OEM requirements and maximize the trouble-free life of your critical systems. All hydraulic oils supplied by MPT can be pre-filtered to meet your needs and can be directly pumped into your systems to ensure maximum cleanliness and fluid replacement efficiency. We start with a diverse portfolio of hydraulic oils that are positioned to give our customers the best choices available to meet their objectives. These can then be filtered to varying degrees through a single filter, or a series of three to six micron filters to achieve exceptional product cleanliness. Michigan Petroleum Technologies can perform a particle count pretest of our filtered oils prior to shipment

Plant Surveys

We offer a complementary Plant Survery conducted by one of our experienced industrial specialists.

This ensures that the right lubricants are being used in the right applications.

Secondly, it allows us an opportunity to consolidate oils used in your operations to ultimately lower annual oil spend!

Our goal is to provide you maximum performance & efficiency at the best possible price!

Bulk Truck Performing 4,000 Gallon Press Fill

Steel Smelting In Large Industrial Furnace

Sugar Beets On A Conveyor Headed to Processing

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