Wholesale Fuel Services

Michigan Petroleum Technologies has the fuel to keep you moving forward! Never worry about your fuel again! With our trouble-free keep-full programs, we automatically deliver your fuel.

No phone call necessary!

On the road again…

Michigan Petroleum Technologies’ high performance premium diesel keeps your equipment at maximum productivity year-round! Our fuel is treated with premium diesel additive chemistry that maximizes performance seasonally in both winter cold and summer heat. Zero headaches!

Diverse Wholesale Fuel Services

Premium Diesel Fuel (Winter and Summer)

Unleaded Gas 87 and 89 Octanes

Recreational Gas (90 Octane/Non-Ethanol)

K-1 Clear Kerosene

#1 Heating Oil

#2 Heating Oil

Job Site Fueling

Storage and Dispensing Solutions

Meeting you where you are…

A wide variety of bulk storage solutions are available for on-site or job-site fueling. We also can fill directly into equipment. Wherever the action is, that’s where your fuel will be. Call us to find out more!

Bulk Fuel Plant Locations

Michigan Petroleum Techologies makes fuel deliveries out of Port Huron, Clio and Croswell!

Michigan Petroleum Technologies Port Huron Map
Michigan Petroleum Technologies Croswell Map
Michigan Petroleum Technologies Clio Map

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